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Everyone's a Critic

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Everyone's a Critic

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Amelia Earhart's story still has all the mystery and excitement today as it did in the 1930s. Her exploits as a pilot were able to give people a glimmer of excitement and glamour, two things that were missing from most people's lives at that time. Her 1937 disappearance is still a haunting mystery. Hopefully, one day it will be solved. Hillary Swank did an amazing portrayal of Amelia, even their resemblance is uncanny. Enjoy the show.


This film seemed rather dull, yet as I have thought about it, it is a rather good story. To accomplish what Amelia did before 1940, for a woman, is rather remarkable. True, her love of flying killed her, but in reality, she exceeded the limits of the technology of the time. Swank's resemblance to Amelia Earhart is amazing, and her performance is enjoyable. To see the old airplanes is worth the price of the ticket.

Keith Kirwan, 69, Arlington


Director Peter Billingsley and actor Vince Vaughn make another laugh-out-loud movie! "Couples Retreat" brings comedy to common relationship problems. Vaughn stars as the husband of one of four couples who escape to a tropical island. Each couple's relationship grows stronger in the midst of a dramatic shark attack, intense counseling sessions and intimate couples skill-building activities. "Couples Retreat" is a great romantic comedy worth seeing on the big screen.

Cassie Smith, 21, Southside


Whimsy and wonder abound in Spike Jonze's clever adaptation of Sendak's classic children's story. The blending of costumes, puppetry, and computer animation breathe life into this imaginary world, but the real power of this movie is contained in a strong plot rich with memorable characters. Like many classic family films before it, Jonze's movie follows the perfect formula of bringing dreams to life on the screen.

Mark Walker, 33, Riverside


Viral marketing, hype and an alleged $11,000 budget bring you scares that you have seen before, only filmed and acted at a much lower quality. Like the "Blair Witch Project" before it, "Paranormal Activity" presents the story as found footage and uses unknown actors so obnoxious that you hope they get taken out by a ghost 10 minutes into the film. …

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