Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

David Wells

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

David Wells

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Byline: David Wells

Aries (21 Mar to 20 Apr) Call 0905 817 0751 Here's a little friendly advice Aries, don't push so far as to make someone snap back rather than stretch to accommodate your every whim. The next couple of days are softly, softly, sleepy lions time; no roaring.

Taurus (21 Apr to 21 May) Call 0905 817 0751 Even when you have everything going for you it's natural for your doubt yourself, admit it, say thank you for that and get on with taking a giant step towards a brand new you. It's a day for standing up and being noticed.

Gemini (22 May to 21 Jun) Call 0905 817 0751 You can hammer your fists down on the desk as much as you want, you can shout names and demand a constant supply of donuts and chocolate but will it get you anywhere? No. Just ask, results without the drama.

LIVE Find out your destiny with a 1-2-1consultation PSYCHICS 0906 174 3685 Cancer (22 Jun to 23 Jul) Call 0905 817 0751 Sometimes we all need to be pushed into doing things, sometimes those pushes aren't too tough to deal with and sometimes it seems as if there's too much interference and not enough support. Change is the outcome. Change.

Leo (24 Jul to 23 Aug) Call 0905 817 0751 With the Moon and Mars in an explosive clinch in your sign you're less likely to want a cosy little chat and more likely to want to vent your feelings. Nothing wrong with that except everyone is doing it. Get a tin hat.

Virgo (24 Aug to 23 Sept) Call 0905 817 0751 Can you be held responsible for everything Virgo? Of course not so why take it on, why think you're the one who has to sort out the mess, other people's mess? A day to look the other way, let them get on with it.

LIVE Contact a loved one in the spirit world MEDIUMS 0906 174 3687 Libra 24 (Sept to 23 Oct) Call 0905 817 0751 An overspill from a friend's drama won't be something you want to step in, so now you've been warned you can avoid the situation and go around it. Practice now; really, that's dreadful, he didn't did he; gotta go. …

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