Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Garden Treats Are Everywhere

Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Garden Treats Are Everywhere

Article excerpt

Byline: Dot Crane

THIS week of weather patterns, weeds that are garden plants and a beaut watering system for our carnivorous plants has made for a busy time.

Add to that a protest march to try to have the Kawana University Hospital's starting date to happen sooner rather than later. Much admired was the planting of Gymea lilies at the site.

The walk ended up being curtailed to the lakeside. The new roadway was not to be used for a 'protest'.

This area has significant commercial gardens with many native plants and beds of day lilies near the favourite place of many ladies - the fabric and related outlet.

Bright light

While there, a very interesting weather sign was noticed.

It was a daytime rainbow around the sun.

In all my almost 70 years I do not recall seeing one before.

My friend (and co-grandma) Beryl Joyce could tell me it was a sign of rain.

Well 2cm fell on this garden overnight.

The sky looked promising but nearby Brisbane seemed to receive the better falls once again.

Weeding out

The weed is a hippeastrum growing in an environmental park.

It is obviously from a nearby garden. Garden plants are weeds when growing in the wrong place. Other plants include gloriosa lily taking over dunal land of south-east Queensland. Yes, both are beautiful plants but not growing in our bushland. Do not dump your garden waste in bushland. It is noticed that many do this. Sadly it is a big problem in my area. Palm fronds etc add to the fuel load and bushfire is a current danger.


The watering system consists of a pottery 'bottle' with a nozzle.

The pottery allows just a small amount of water to drip into the plant pot. This is ideal for carnivorous plants. We are trialing some after seeing them at garden expos. They are made in a small factory near the Big Pineapple. The manufacturer is Ooz Pots who makes clay nozzles, glazed bottles with nozzles and also a pot. …

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