Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

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Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

SMS YOUR THOUGHTS Tell Us What You Think, Sms Us on 0409 499 846

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* Read where a teenager punched an elderly man and gets a holiday for a couple of months, (prison). How weak is the justice system? What goes around comes around.

IP, Ooralea

* Why is all the rubbish piling up round Sarina? why: because the ratepayers cant exercise ther rates rights and go 2 a municipl dump. The peny pinchn council wnt 2 hav almost permanent locked gates on th so calld dump. Just cause some pen pusher com up with set times 4 the masses to be eligible to go dump there rubbish does not mean that it is rite 4 evryone. Wake up 2 yaselves n stop the wily nily dumping of rubbish up evry side road and cane paddock headland in the district. Afta all haven't as rate payers we got the right two take a bucket of rubbish 2 our own dump. Open the god dam gates.

GT, Sarina

* It's very easy to blame the supervisor for everything that goes wrong when an operator stuffs up. But when are people going stand up for the things they do? A supervisor can't be holding everyone's hands all day. Next you know they want the supervisor to tuck them into bed at night.

AH, Dysart

* To CA; by defending the action of glassing someone you are condoning violence.

HT, Glenella

* What dribble Blair Hunt, we can't even house-hospitalise-feed a lot of Australians now without border jumpers. How about we settle them in Finch Hatton and u pay the bills? whats that; send them home, thought so. Look up the word 'tribalism' wich is what Australia is becoming fast, maybe u need 2 get out of Finch Hatton and take off the rose coloured glasses.

WM, Andergrove

* I'm with u, TM Ooralea!

LT, Mackay

* To GB; u got it in one man love it.

BK, Andergrove

* To AP of Mackay; will the replacement rego sticker stay on?

AZN, North Mackay

* 2010 rego sticker lifted half off first time in over 20 years. What is my fate?

DA, Sarina

* Why waste your time? 4 years we got looked after, now we r aftermarket trash, until we r wanted again. …

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