Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Culinary Treats Line Up for Thanksgiving Diners

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Culinary Treats Line Up for Thanksgiving Diners

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THIS isn't the best week to be a turkey, especially in the United States.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. As the old joke goes, turkeys are never hungry on Thanksgiving Day because they are already stuffed.

There is apparently no evidence that the turkey was the bird-of-choice when it all began back in the 1620s.

Some historians believe that ducks and geese were the favourites then, before it became clear that turkeys were much easier to come by.

Pumpkin pie, surely an acquired taste, is also a necessary part of any decent Thanksgiving dinner but, like the turkey, there is little certainty that it formed part of the original menu.

The early Pilgrims apparently had boiled pumpkin, and they were welcome to it, but pie didn't feature on their charts until much later.

Those early Pilgrims left Southampton on August 5, 1620 aboard the 'Mayflower', only 90-feet (27 metres) long and overcrowded with 101 migrants.

It took six weeks to reach North America and several died on the journey.

Severe storms battered the ship and it never made its intended landfall in Virginia, finishing up instead at Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

It was a tough old start for the survivors and you could read all about it at (


The settlers survived their first North American winter and, in the autumn of 1621, produced their first successful harvest.

They celebrated by splashing out on a gut-busting feast and so the whole Thanksgiving thing began. Just over 200 years later, President Abraham Lincoln declared the fourth Tuesday in November would be a national, Thanksgiving Day, holiday.

Pumpkin pie never had it so good and turkeys took fright although the real Turkey Trot was still 40 years away.

That's another story-.

The Americans certainly like their food.

By all accounts Thanksgiving Day dinner is a real doozey with all the family around the table and Jenny Craig nowhere to be seen. …

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