Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

A Mixed Bag

Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

A Mixed Bag

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I AM feeling quite cleansed and a lot lighter this week ... and not because I had a vile case of gastro on Monday.

I have finally culled and re-organised my walk-in-robe, a little room that had begun bulging and buckling at the seams with too many clothes that weren't being worn. It's a job I had to tackle in the right frame of mind - that is 'free of children', 'ruthless' and 'honest'. Let me interpret:

'Free of children'- as in Mr C please take B1 and B2 out for the morning - it's hot and sweaty, there could be tears and some of the words won't be 'G' rated as I accept my butt does look big in that and it's not necessarily the cut of the dress.

'Ruthless' meaning for everything I had bought this year something had to be sacrificed - oh my lordy wordy - it's crunch time.

'Honest'- as in you are never going to fit back into those skinny jeans and that revealing halter neck top belongs on someone who hasn't breastfed two children.

Three hours later I stood back a proud woman. I had re-organised everything down to accessories and even colour-coded my clothes and shoes ... no, that's not anal - it is efficient!

Even Mr C's side of the wardrobe had a make-over and I'm still waiting for him to ask where his favourite 'cooking the BBQ' t-shirt is and those 'comfy' shorts that look eerily like something his 85-year-old Pop wears.

Anyway, after all this sorting and cleansing I venture to the 'rumpus' room with 10 or more bags of clothes for donation to charity when I realise just how much 'stuff' is accumulating in this room which looks more like a second-hand shop ... wait a minute ... Ding! I have a light-bulb moment. One that Mr C is simply going to hate.

It's time for a garage sale and what better time than just before Christmas! I can finish my 'spring cleaning' and make a bit of money to finance some of our festive giving ... (although that Eternity Ring I am still waiting for is going to take a few garage sales). And it's a win-win situation - I get to clear out some quality 'trash' that very well could be someone else's 'treasure'. …

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