Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Tiger's Cowardly Response

Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Tiger's Cowardly Response

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DO you happen to be one of those guys with a feeling of moral superiority over Tiger Woods because you don't cheat on the bride?

Here's a bulletin: you fit with the vast majority of faithful adult males.

You are bulging at the waist. Or you are losing your hair. Or you are living one pay cheque to the next. Or you hit a golf ball farther sideways than forward. Or it's all of the above.

You are like the rest of us. You have been as faithful as a puppy dog and when your temptation has come from Susan Boyle look-alikes, why not?

Now, if you had biceps fighting to escape extremely fashionable golf shirts and hats carrying your personal logo to cover a slightly receding hairline and were hauling in more money than any other athlete in the world and played the international game of golf better than anyone in history and had frisky and gorgeous young women throwing themselves at you, as well as the wherewithal to fly such a lass to Australia to help with your relaxation during a tournament and you still remained completely true to the wife or fiancee, it would be much easier to be impressed with your high moral standards.

I think much less of Tiger Woods than I did a few days ago but not because he has been exposed as a philanderer.

There was no surprise in that, since with all the assets mentioned above to attract very fetching members of the female gender, the assumption here was that Tiger was getting around - since dang near all celebrity hunks do get around.

The disappointment is that he has proved gutless in facing the music, choosing to stay in Florida rather than show up for the start of the Chevron World Challenge, both the No 1 silly-season event and the source of millions for Tiger's foundation.

Woods blamed his absence on injuries suffered in his Escalade's tangle with a fire hydrant and then a tree but a few scratches wouldn't mess up his swing any more than his personal coach Hank Haney already has.

No, the golfer who has been a competitor beyond all others on the course has turned cowardly at the prospect of facing the media and the hecklers in the wake of the revelations that even the beautiful Elin Nordegren - the mother of his two children - could not keep this big cat from straying. …

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