Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

It's Cruel to Deprive George of His Home

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

It's Cruel to Deprive George of His Home

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TO THE misguided souls who stole Ron Gaudron's mate George the cockatoo: According to The Northern Star, George has been with Ron all his life, he has never experienced living in the wild.

Your intentions are along the right path, but your actions in stealing George away from the life he clearly enjoys is unconscionable.

Please give George back to his life-long home of 34 years and don't put him through this enormous trauma whilst breaking his heart.

Please set your sights and energies exposing the cruelty in battery hen farming, puppy farms, dog fighting and cock fighting - there's apparently plenty of all the above in this area. Put George back to his comfort zone, please.

Ideas irrelevant

REGARDING 'Lismore community must speak out against racism' (NS Letters, 9/11): The scream of fear in this letter comes from the depths of the human condition, the author himself being a prime example: 'Never did I doubt my own beliefs'.

We humans, along with all other living creatures, are automata, parallel-processing machines that have to be programmed.

We come into the world appropriately programmed biologically and with the additional imperative to absorb our culture.

But some of the ideas that arose in the distant (and not so distant) past, with human survival value at the time, have self-organised into self-replicating programs that have gone on to evolve efficient strategies for their own survival, a la biological viruses, with devastating consequences for the human condition.

Race, religion, nationalism, politics have all outlived their relevance. …

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