Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)


Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)


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IF IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY TOMORROW... Your birthday chart emphasises the gentle pleasure of time spent with those whose company you enjoy, and with learning more about those who intrigue you but who you don't know as well. In every case, it's about savouring the process of discussion, and allowing the benefits from being exposed to differing views to sink in. This isn't about living life at a swift pace. It's about the luxury of doing things slowly.

Calls cost 60p per minute from a BT landline. Other networks and mobiles may vary. The astro-line horoscopes are updated every Friday Aries March 20 - April 18 Usually it's you who thinks of the exciting ideas. But judging by the coming week's stunning planetary activity, within days others will propose something that could turn once distant dreams into part of your everyday life. All you need do is be open-minded and prepared to agree to their suggestions.

For your weekly/monthly forecast, call 0906 6513 520 Taurus April 19 - May 19 Others are feeling more excited about the concepts triggered by the recent New Moon than you are. While you'd undoubtedly recognise their potential over time, that's one thing you don't have. If you think these show any promise, take a chance on them. Otherwise you could miss out entirely.

For your weekly/monthly forecast, call 0906 6513 521 Gemini May 20 - June 20 If you tried to deal with all the thrilling but somewhat overwhelming events of the coming weeks alone, you would have trouble handling everything. This would be the case with anybody, and indicates that these are as much about learning to work together as they are about taking advantage of these stunning opportunities.

For your weekly/monthly forecast, call 0906 6513 522 Cancer June 21 - July 21 Sometimes decisions are best made on a rational basis. But what you face now is urgent enough that you're wisely resorting to a more emotional approach. This might be branded manipulation, because you're getting others to do what's in their best interests, but ultimately they'll thank you.

For your weekly/monthly forecast, call 0906 6513 523 Leo July 22 - August 21 There have been times when destiny has taken a hand and, while the changes involved proved disruptive, the outcome was wonderful beyond anything you'd have imagined possible. Remember these now, as similarly disruptive developments throw plans you worked hard to organise into chaos.

For your weekly/monthly forecast, call 0906 6513 524 Virgo August 22 - Sept 21 The discussions triggered by last week's encounter between your ruler Mercury and the planet of truth, Pluto, were extremely thoughtprovoking.

Unsettling as the conversations were at the time, they shed light on issues that others have shrouded in doubt. …

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