Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Reasonable Compromise; Your Say

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Reasonable Compromise; Your Say

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I DISAGREE with the reasoning of Cllr Rigg and S Moody (We Must Protect Park From Building, 04.12.09) regarding the provision of secondary school places in Yarm, Eaglescliffe and Ingleby Barwick. I do not live in the immediate area and would hope to put an unbiased view.

Even if All Saints' School in Ingleby Barwick is expanded to 900 places, this will still leave a shortfall of over 900 children who will have to be bussed on a daily basis to Yarm or Eaglescliffe as these two schools have an over-provision of over 1,000 places. How would parents in Yarm or Eaglescliffe feel if the situation was reversed? The obvious solution would be to increase places (to about 1,800 in total) in the ever-expanding Ingleby Barwick area by building a new school there. However this would have a huge impact on Conyers (Yarm) and Egglescliffe Schools. It would probably mean one of these schools would have to close, leaving one of these two communities without a secondary school and they would have to bus their children to the one school that was left.

was Dari Taylor and Ingleby Barwick councillors suggest the compromise to maintain the 1,000 place over-provision in Yarm and Eaglescliffe by conceding that Ingleby Barwick children could go to a relocated Egglescliffe school at Preston Park by walking over a proposed footbridge (which the council has funding for). Though not ideal for parents in Ingleby Barwick, it seems more than reasonable to me.

I can understand the Eaglescliffe residents and the purists who want to maintain Preston Park fully intact, but the world has to move on. As far as traffic congestion goes, school times do not clash with the peak of the rush hours. With Preston Park being at its busiest on weekends and bank holidays when the school would be closed would work well.

Stockton Council have over the years granted planning permission for the ever-expanding Ingleby Barwick - and received very significant council tax income from this - so the provision of adequate accessible secondary school places for residents has to be resolved.

The building of a new school which could serve both Eaglescliffe and Ingleby Barwick in what is after all only the overflow car park area at Preston Park is a reasonable compromise on land that is already under council control.

The alternative option as mentioned by Cllr Rigg of building a school at Allens West (the opposite side of Eaglescliffe to Ingleby Barwick) will still leave the need to bus hundreds of Ingleby Barwick children to school.

IAN DRINKEL, Stockton THE news of the proposed school (04.12.09) development on Preston Park is akin to asking the Queen to allow a Windsor school to be built on her great park.

After years of visiting the magnificent hall, woodland and park for education and pleasure, to even think of denying or curtailing sections to the Teesside public is appalling. …

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