Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

{Digital Dilemma - a Set-Top } {Box or a New Television Set}

Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

{Digital Dilemma - a Set-Top } {Box or a New Television Set}

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Byline: Fallon Hudson

WE have heard a lot of technology talk now that it is only a matter of time before thousands of Australian living rooms make the switch to digital.

But what does it mean to make the switch to digital? Will the change be expensive and will it be worth it?

For many television lovers the switch to digital television by 2013 is a topic that not all people are in tune with.

John Carroll RetraVision sales manager Graham Hamilton said he and his staff see people walking into the store asking what all the fuss is about and what they need to connect.

"Many have been coming into the store asking whether they need a digital set-top box or a new television all together."

He said customers were interested in how they will pick up the new channels and when analog television would be turned off?

"One of the most popular questions people ask when they are in the store is, 'When do I need a digital TV'."

He said there was still time buy either option.

The first being a digital set-top box to convert existing analog TV or upgrade to a television with an in-built digital tuner.

A set-top box consumed a small amount of extra electricity.

A new television could consume more electricity than an older one, depending on what type you chose.

"Analog television will be finished between 2010 and 2013.

"I think that in our region the switch will be made in late 2011."

Digital switchover is the process of progressively turning off analog TV broadcasts across Australia and replacing them with digital.

Free-to-air television signals are currently broadcast in analog and digital formats.

Mr Hamilton said buying a digital television has advantages.

"Many analog televisions have poor reception and pictures can be a bit snowy however with digital you are guaranteed crystal-clear reception. …

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