Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

ETS a Flawed System

Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

ETS a Flawed System

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FOR Judy Bamberger (DM 26/12/09) to repeat the government mantra that Australia should lead the way in introducing an ETS ignores the fact that we cannot be leaders where others have already gone before.

The countries of the European Union, particularly Britain, and some American states, have implemented Cap and Trade systems years ago.

We can learn a lot from their experience.

First, the ETS systems have produced zero reductions in CO2 emissions.

Second, the trading system is prone to fraudulent trading on an unprecedented scale.

Third, the price of carbon fluctuates wildly, which certainly does not send the steady signal to business that is required.

In reality, it signals that there are enormous financial gains to be made from trading, with nil effective impact on the environment.

Recently, the price of carbon collapsed to about $12 a tonne, when the price required to drive change is about $100 a tonne.

The ETS is a seriously-flawed system, and that is the last thing that we need here.

It is time for the government to step back and look at the realities and for the opposition to open the ETS up to public debate.



Fluoridated water not best for gravy

BOILING water is not a solution to counter the effects of 'fluoride water' as MM, Mackay, seems to imply (SMS, 29/12/09).

In fact, boiling fluoridated water can concentrate the fluoride as evaporation takes place during the boiling process.

Everyone who makes food such as gravy should be aware that each time they add more fluoridated water, as the liquid in the gravy evaporates, they are increasing the parts per million of the fluoride in the final product.

With fluoride more poisonous than lead, and with arsenic, lead and other undesirable heavy metals in the fluoridating agent used, topping up gravy with fluoridated water isn't the wisest move.


Could vegetarian ad be a lemon?

IT'S easy to see why Frank Brown (Hot Topic letter DM 24/12/09) is so cross about the frequently aired vegetarian ad suggesting that if we all turned vegetarian it would save the planet within a decade. …

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