Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

SEVEN YEARS; Robber Sent Down after Terrorising Man in Home

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

SEVEN YEARS; Robber Sent Down after Terrorising Man in Home

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A COLD, calculating robber who terrorised a man in his own home with an axe, a knife and a piece of wood has been jailed for seven years.

David Baikie subjected his victim to a terrifying two-hour ordeal which left him "a nervous wreck".

He marched the petrified householder to a cash machine then got away with pounds 10.

Anthony Stevenson, 56, was woken at 2am by a punch to the face in his Middlesbrough home, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Baikie stood over him where he lay on his sofa, said prosecutor Paul Newcombe.

The robber was wearing paintball gloves with reinforced knuckles and was brandishing a table leg.

Baikie said: "I want money now, mate." He looked at the gold rings on Mr Stevenson''s fingers saying: "I'll have them as well."

He forced one of the rings off with a screwdriver, causing a cut, after threatening to smash Mr Stevenson's fingers.

Baikie, 29, had already ransacked the house but said: "I've been told you've got money in this place. Get up and show me."

He took Mr Stevenson around the house and armed himself with an eight-inch knife from the kitchen and a hatchet axe from a toolbox.

Mr Stevenson was frozen to the spot as Baikie ran the axe across his neck saying: "Don't think I won't use this."

Baikie was "cool and cold", rolling a cigarette with the axe and knife either side of him. Then Baikie marched him out of the house. Calm and calculated, he forced Mr Stevenson to pretend to a neighbour that they were friends.

Baikie demanded pounds 200 at a cash machine on Linthorpe Road, but could only take pounds 10 from the account.

He left saying: "Don't phone the police or I'll be back."

Mr Stevenson later said: "I was in total fear... I was so terrified. I couldn't believe this was actually happening. The whole incident has left me a nervous wreck. …

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