Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; RANTS & RAVES Hey Mayor: Recycling Mess Needs a Cleanup

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; RANTS & RAVES Hey Mayor: Recycling Mess Needs a Cleanup

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I was an avid recycler for many years. I separated glass, plastic and paper items into separate bags and placed [them] in the blue bin. All this time, the workers were breaking glass and tossing paper (wrong kind of paper, I suppose) until I finally got fed up with cleaning up after them. The last straw was a pile of newspapers that got wet from the rain and were left in the bin for whatever reason I do not know. ... If recycling is ever to work in Jacksonville, there must be proper training on how to service a neighborhood, including cleaning up messes they cause. Well Mayor, how about it?


According to the T-U we have on the City Council an arch conservative who has attended a local church all his life and is very proud of both. He votes no on every piece of social spending legislation to help those he represents. Apparently he agrees with the economist Milton Friedman. Greed is good. Profit should be the only concern of business. No regulation as this interferes with profit. Government should provide no services and everything should be privatized, including the police and military. ... I hope he sleeps well.


According to the Associated Press, various international airports have failed to increase security subsequent to Obama ordering them to do so. Obama is doing a "sprawling, urgent review" of what the failures were leading to the recent terrorist attempt in Detroit. It seems that Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Cuba and Muslim countries haven't heeded his request. So much for improving relations with our friends and allies!


There is no reason for the police to expound on how Somer Thompson died. I, too, care deeply for Somer and her suffering family. I, too, want the sicko caught and punished. …

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