Music Down the Line; SwiMP3 Can Make the Pool's Black Line Alive with the Sound of Music

Article excerpt

THAT black line is not the most inspiring sight.

Lap after lap, it's often difficult to maintain concentration and motivation.

The underwater silence prompts the mind to wander. One way of busting the swimming boredom and preserving your incentive is music.

United States company FINIS has recently upgraded its underwater MP3 player with more memory capacity.

While some systems use conventional style earphones, the SwiMP3 uses patented bone-conduction technology to deliver clear sound underwater.

Two units attach to goggle straps and sit on your cheekbones.

We normally hear through air conduction, but because there is no air underneath the water, FINIS has found bone conduction provides the clearest sound quality possible.

The sound vibrations are able to be directly transferred from the cheek bone to the inner ear.

The design attaches to any swim goggle or snorkelling mask and has a 10-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery that charges directly from a USB port.

It's compatible with MP3 or WMA files, has space for about 60 songs, and loading songs is a drag and drop process. …


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