Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Roxxxy: When the Future and Lonely Men Combine

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Roxxxy: When the Future and Lonely Men Combine

Article excerpt

YOU can complain about the present day all you want, but our ancestors would marvel at the things the human race is capable of.

One hundred years ago, no-one would have thought that a man called Sir Alexander Fleming would one day accidentally discover Penicillin, a substance that would become one of the most important innovations in medicine.

When the programmable computer was first invented, no-one would have dreamed far more powerful computers would be a household necessity.

Tell Alexander Graham Bell that the telephone would eventually be a pocket-sized super media system and he'd laugh in your face.

And now, after so many hopes and doubts, the invention that seemed so obvious yet so out of reach has finally been created: the world's first sex robot.

Meet Roxxxy, a sexbot that combines the interaction and artificial intelligence of a robot with the allure of a blow-up doll.

Humanity, take a bow. Your work here is done.

Now, I love the female species as much as the next guy, but really, what hope is for them now? As soon as they introduce the "clean house", "sew pants" and "create baby" functions, then human females are pretty much done.

Inventor Douglas Hines said he planned to introduce a male model in the future, so once they introduce the "fix broken shelf", "kill cockroach" and the elusive "actually listening" upgrades, there will be no need for male-to-female human interaction at all.

Mr Hines said Roxxxy can engage in simple conversations, similar to automatic online "chatterbots" that you usually get sick of after a few minutes, only you can have sex with it now.

Roxxxy can share in and talk about your interests too. Judging from the demonstration video, this is composed mostly of "Do you like X? I like X too!".

Speaking of the demonstration video: as if the concept of a sexualised robot companion isn't creepy enough, you should see this thing in action. …

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