Vampire Penguins and Potato Bags Turn Sleep-Talking Man into Blog Star

Article excerpt

Byline: Mark Prigg Technology Editor

WHEN Adam Slavick-Lennard woke his wife with a stream of bizarre "sleep-talk" she got her revenge by recording the comments and posting them online.

Now the ramblings of the advertising executive from Richmond are set to become a best-selling book.

The Sleep Talkin Man blog, which has attracted thousands of followers, shows Mr Slavick-Lennard, 36, making statements about everything from sex and underwear to vampire penguins and zombie guinea pigs.

Over the last week his comments have ranged from the comfort level of his pillows to incomprehensible thoughts about vegetables. "I'm making pillows. Burn them slowly, keeps them fluffy! Mmmmmm, pillows."

"Potato bags. I can't find my potato bags. I need them desperately. Who's got my potato bags?" "You're pretty. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty." Long pause. "Now f*** off and be pretty somewhere else. I'm bored."

"Dogs' scrotums, they stretch" -- before adding: "Pork chops are most satisfying. Mmmmmmm. Dangle them from the ceiling."

The blog has become a huge hit, attracting more than 240,000 people in one day. A fully awake Mr Slavick-Lennard said: "I'm definitely not that funny, or rude, in real life. …


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