County Clerks Work to Make Filing Documents Easier; Electronic Forms for Court Filings Are on the Way, but It'll Take Time

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By next year, you won't need to go to the Duval County courthouse to make a court filing because it will be possible to do it with electronic forms and an Internet connection.

The Florida Association of Clerks and Comptrollers, which represents all 67 clerks of court throughout Florida, is working with clerks to put in place a Web portal where attorneys and others can submit documentation in electronic form.

Backers say the new site will make life easier for courts, attorneys and other officials, but it will take time before all 67 Florida counties make the transition to full digitalization.

Through myflorida, Floridians have had the ability to pay traffic tickets, make child support payments and other court payments using a major credit or debit card. Duval County Clerk of Courts and FACC President Jim Fuller said the new site will take that a step further, allowing users to file documents, pay any associated filing fees and get a receipt verifying the transaction - all online.

Attorneys will also be able to log in and keep an eye on their cases online, he said.

"If you were in Orlando and you wanted to file in Jacksonville, you could do it through the portal," he said. "It just routes where things need to go."


The FACC has developed the portal, but individual clerks need to define what information they require in certain filings, Fuller said. …