Avoid Online Social Networks at Your Peril

Article excerpt

WHETHER you like it or not, having a social media presence online is crucial for business these days.

But a QUT professor reckons very few businesses are using technology to their advantage, or if they are, they are not managing it well and severely damaging their brand.

Axel Bruns has released two reports on his social media research to help businesses make the most of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

Recent statistics showed 70% of Australian internet users now visited social networking sites.

Facebook alone is reported to have eight million Australian users, with Twitter surpassing the 1.5million mark. The numbers make your jaw drop.

Prof Bruns urged business to use social media communities for market intelligence, but warned the public should also be rewarded and acknowledged for their contribution otherwise they would feel they had been ripped off.

He said conventional corporate strategies did not work in social media, and customers operating in that sphere would not respond to a bombardment of marketing spiel.

CONGRATULATIONS to Peter and Sandra Young of Birdwood Nursery for winning the best large production nursery award at the 2010 state Nursery & Garden Industry Awards.

I HEARD something interesting recently.

There is an elderly lady on the Coast Co in fact, there are probably quite a few Co who sources people to do occasional work around her home from an old, out-of-date Yellow Pages. …


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