Have Your Opinion and State It ... and That's What I Think

Article excerpt

WHAT is your opinion?

How do you answer that question? Simple - state it. I have never been afraid to state my opinion, yet I get the impression all too often that others won't!

Many go with the flow - in other words, cower with the flock.

Right or wrong, you have to respect an individual for at least having the guts to give an opinion.

Now Mark Twain, journalist, humorist, writer and goodness knows what else, was a smart cove. He wrote: "It is the difference of opinion that makes horse races."

He was right. Horse races revolve around opinion, just like many aspects of life.

Opinion - isn't it one of the fundamentals of democracy? We vote at elections. We give an opinion.

In journalism, for example, an opinion based on analysis of facts is just as important a tool as the pen - er, make that computer - these days.

OK, I'm opinionated and firmly believe any journalist who has never written a critique about some subject in his or her career isn't fair dinkum.

Is it that they don't want to offend people, they don't want to get "so and so" offside?

During my career, I've had more offside than onside, but who gives a damn?

Surely, it is the role of the journalist to provide the facts and, if so motivated, an opinion.

The positive of penning an opinion piece, even one that some individuals with tunnel vision deem as negative, is that it creates that moving forum - debate. …


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