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Aries March 20 - April 18

While your capacity to seize the initiative is one of your strengths, sometimes it's important to stand back and allow others to show what they can do. They may take longer than you would. Still, the only way they'll learn is by doing it themselves.

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Taurus April 19 - May 19

In certain situations it's becoming increasingly clear that the information you've been getting isn't reliable. This means you must either put off decisions, which would be inconvenient, or trust your intuition. Risky as this seems now, within a short time you'll realise it's the best approach.

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Gemini May 20 - June 20

Don't let the unwillingness of certain individuals to discuss potential changes prevent you from exploring your options. Gradually those who objected most forcefully will realise that you weren't just wise to explore these, they would benefit as well.

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Cancer June 21 - July 21

Obviously, you'd rather see persistent problems involving loved ones settled swiftly and with the minimum amount of fuss. Not only is that unlikely, if the issues in question are to be discussed frankly, things are going to have to get somewhat emotional.

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Leo July 22 - August 21

Letting go of plans that you've worked hard on may seem a real defeat. However, your instincts are telling you that there would be more trouble than you anticipated. Continue with existing arrangements and unexpected obstacles will make it clear just how wise those instincts were.

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Virgo August 22 - Sept 21

Usually you're the first to face the facts, even those you wish weren't true. But you're being overly stubborn about one particular arrangement. Ironically, in the process of acknowledging this unappealing information, you'll free yourself to explore new ideas.

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Libra Sept 22 - Oct 22

Your loyalty to certain individuals in no way obliges you to agree to get involved in arrangements they're eager to pursue. On the contrary, if they're brushing off the questions you're asking, you owe it to them to press them to investigate these matters further. …


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