Play Deals with Secretly Gay Actors

Article excerpt

THE rumours about Hollywood's leading men being gay are plentiful.

Whether it is the enduring suspicion about Tom Cruise, the speculation about George Clooney or the innuendo about Zac Efron, if you are hot and in Hollywood, chances are someone is going to suggest you are gay.

True or not, these rumours provide much fodder for the tabloid press and stimulate an international fascination from the general public.

Queensland Theatre Company's first production for 2010, The Little Dog Laughed, deals with these very issues and leading lady Caroline Kennison, who plays the role of Diane, says the show is "terribly cutting-edge".

"It goes behind Hollywood and deals with a lot of things that are quite current today," she said.

"I play a Hollywood agent and my client is this young male movie star who is about to hit the big time and he has what I refer to as a slight recurring case of homosexuality.

"He is at a stage in his life where he is just about to become a big movie star but wants to live his life more openly."

With very few Hollywood performers actually making the leap from the closet, it is in Caroline's character's best interest to ensure his "slight recurring case of homosexuality" remains a secret.

"Unfortunately, we are living in a society where we don't accept people coming out and, if they do, their career dies," Caroline explained. …


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