Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Public Money for Private Education

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Public Money for Private Education

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I AGREE with S Killingbeck (NS, 6/2) that school funding should be put in perspective, but from the perspective of truthful facts, not political propaganda.

Public schools are a State responsibility. So they receive the vast majority of their funds from State governments. The Commonwealth Governmental also contributes funds to them.

In contrast, private schools receive virtually nothing from the States, and only a portion of their funding from the Commonwealth Government. The remainder must come from student fees, donations, fundraising, and volunteer work.

All parents pay taxes. But private school pupils receive only about half the amount pubic school pupils rec- eive. Thus, private school parents pay taxes, school fees, raise funds, volunteer, and subsidise the pubic sector. Thus they save taxpayers millions each year.

Three more factors critics omit, are: Government makes education compulsory for all children; thus each child is entitled to costs being covered.

Secondly, there are home-schooled children who cost the taxpayer very little. Almost all costs are borne by their tax-paying parents.

Thirdly, it is assumed all government schools are safe, healthy, caring, curriculum-sound and appropriately staffed. Reality, however, often reveals serious modern causes for concern.

Some private schools arose bec- ause of these modern deficiencies in public education. Parents love their children and seek the best and safest school for them. Some public education often fails our children, so alternatives must be found.

Although most parents pay taxes, militant secular critics demand all government funding go to public schools - and their child's education. Those politicians who are tempted to bow to these demands should rem- ember most private school parents and home-schoolers also vote.

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