Just How Fatty Is Fast Food? Experts Push for Restaurants to Display Fat and Calorie Content

Article excerpt

Byline: ZANE JACKSON zane.jackson@qt.com.au

IPSWICH doctors and health experts have backed interstate calls for fast food outlets to clearly display the fat and calorie content of meals on their menus.

With the number of type two diabetes cases skyrocketing in Ipswich and across Australia, Ipswich and West Moreton Division of General Practice chairwoman Dr Lisa Moreton said the move would be a great idea.

Dr Moreton backed claims by Victorian Premier John Brumby that giving people more nutritional information would show the community how unhealthy fast food can be.

"I think people are aware of the fact that fast food can be bad, but I don't think they realise the full extent of how much fat and calories it can contain," Dr Moreton said.

"In just one fast food meal you can have more than your recommended daily intake for calories and fats, which could surprise some people.

"I think any move to make fast food restaurants display the nutritional values would be a great idea. …


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