Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Sms the Editor

Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Sms the Editor

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Peter Garrett should quit when John Howard and current Opposition pollies are charged with war crimes. Those in glass houses, Mr Neville?

If Capt Bligh is going to make all property owners put fencing around their dams, she must make all shires fence park ponds, lakes, etc.

I need help to find a CD containing Bob Hudson's Newcastle Song. If u can help, pls text me on 0438 723 427.

Peter Garrett could become the biggest electoral liability Labor has had.

As a local-born 22-year-old living in Bundy, it really annoys me how progress cannot happen in this town because there are some oldies (median age in Bundy is close to 50) who think they have a right to stop progress as they want a quiet lifestyle where there are no young people, 'cos according to these oldies they cause every single problem. Move to middle of nowhere! There is no progress there.

DG, any religion that denigrates women, condones child mutilation, praises suicide bombers and advocates war against anyone that does not agree with it deserves nothing but contempt.

Come on Bundy, someone knows who the sick mongrel that did this to that little angel and those poor dogs. We've gotta put a stop to this rubbish. Bring back capital punishment now. Get some balls, Rudd.

I hope Mr Garrett still has the sorry t-shirt he and his band wore. He can now wear it to my daughter's wedding because her fiance has lost his job. The taxpayers can help pay.

Hope the person who stole my garden light on sun (in broad daylight ) enjoyed the experience.

Don't think much of new paper format, less news more pics which could go in Bundy buzz. Looks like Courier for me.

What is the world coming too? Had fun trying to settle my daughter last night, thanks to some low life who took an innocent child. Hope they nab whoever is responsible.

Be interesting to know the percentage of absenteeism and truancy in public schools compared to same in private schools.

Why did council have to help move Mr List ? …

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