Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Listen to Mullum's Silent Majority

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Listen to Mullum's Silent Majority

Article excerpt

REGARDING Woolworths in Mullumbimby, I have to confess to belonging to the 'silent majority'.

The article (NS, 20/2) challenging Woolworths to share the cost of surveying 'the silent majority' is, I believe, both senseless and arrogant and has prompted me to remain silent no longer.

I am Mullumbimby born and bred, and have to say that I have not been able to identify even one person in the group opposing the Woolworths development who was born locally.

It is my experience that all my local-born friends and associates support Woolworths coming to town.

It is the newcomers who are opp- osed. The minority with the majority of say.

Both my parents still live in Mullumbimby and are aged pensioners with a strong commitment to shopping locally.

Along with both my parents, I think only good can come from Woolworths coming to town. Like most of their generation, they don't own a computer, so you won't find them answering an online survey.

My parents shop locally and have always been opposed to people shopping out of town for their weekly groceries.

When people go out of town to shop at Woolies or IGA in Byron Bay, or Bi-Lo at Ocean Shores, they make a morning of it, or even a day of it, and get their hair cut, have a coffee, lunch, buy clothes, etc.

If Woolies keeps them in Mullumbimby, they will do all those other things in town as well.

When Woolworths came to Byron Bay, my brother owned an independent supermarket, one of two such supermarkets in Jonson Street.

With the arrival of Woolworths, he chose to leave town and sold his lease to Westpac to pursue other business interests.

The other supermarket stayed and today still operates successfully in Lawson Street.

On principle ('they ran my brother out of town') I at first refused to shop at Woolworths, but after a while found I had to as I couldn't get a park anywhere else. …

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