Finding Your Way through the Myriad Methods of Divination Available; the Difference between Psychic and Medium Readings

Article excerpt

ONE CAN be forgiven for experiencing confusion around clairvoyant readings as each reader has their own style and way of doing things. Some readers use divination cards such as angel or tarot cards. Some readers hold an inanimate object such as your ring - a method known as psychometry.

There are flower readings, face readings, palmistry, aura readings, pendulum readings, angel readings, medium readings and an endless stream of methods and approaches to divination. To help narrow it down, I feel we can categorize readings into two areas: psychic readings and medium readings.

In psychic readings the reader uses their psychic senses to read energy.

Psychic senses are activated by turning on our senses within - seeing, hearing, feeling and sensing information. They may use tools such as tarot cards or ask for a piece of your jewellery to hold. They are attempting to pick up on a person's unique energy and gain impressions from that energy.

You may have seen television shows featuring psychic detectives where they are searching for a missing person. Often they are given an article of clothing belonging to the missing person. This can help the psychic connect with the person's energy which can be very effective.

Perhaps you yourself have picked up an object before and felt something and then simply dismissed it as your mind playing tricks. You may have walked into a room and felt something - a sad feeling or a positive feeling, maybe. This is what being 'psychic' is all about, sensing and feeling energy. The tools that psychics use are simply tools to amplify energy, a bit like a magnifying glass.

Predictions can be accurate but sometimes the psychic's mind and judgments may influence the information. …