Newspaper article Coffs Coast Advocate (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

CRL Action Is off the Field

Newspaper article Coffs Coast Advocate (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

CRL Action Is off the Field

Article excerpt

Byline: Greg White

FOOTY fans in these parts are united in disgust at the cavalier treatment of coach Peter Barrett by Country Rugby League hierarchy.

When appointed assistant coach of Country under-18s last year, Barrett was told his appointment was part of a learning curve that would smooth his passage into the top job.

Not only was Barrett told of his future prospects but the information was announced far and wide.

So it was believed his appointment would be rubber-stamped at a CRL meeting on February 19.

Instead, the knife was plunged into Barrett's back and he didn't even receive the courtesy of being informed of the decision before his demise was announced in a Sydney newspaper.

Wires have since been humming statewide with many good league people wondering if the CRL has reverted to old form.

When a new administrative broom swept through a year or so ago we were promised the end of treachery, secret deal-making, empire building and the ruthless application of power.

We were promised a brave new era where the best and brightest would be promoted but instead, politicking has reared its ugly head again and precipitated Barrett's fall from grace.

One of our Group 2 officials sought a 'please explain' and was told ... and your scribbler kids you not ... Barrett fell foul of authority when he turned up at a training session wearing a Gold Coast Titans track suit.

Some say it was a Titans dress shirt - these things are important in the poisonous world of rugby league politics - while others haven't mentioned the club which retains Barrett as a talent scout, at all.

The gob-smacked Group official asked if wearing a particular shirt lessened Barrett's coaching ability, only to be told there were 'other reasons' he was overlooked.

But what these 'other reasons' are, nobody is prepared to say. …

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