Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Sms the Editor

Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Sms the Editor

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I wish all the backpackers would leave Bundy and stop our main street looking like the slums of Bangkok

Farmer John, learn your basic workplace responsibilities as an employer. Read work rights page 7 news mail 12 March. All employees including backpackers have basic work rights. Bundaberg does NOT need farmers with your attitude!

Regards jt comment. What has backpacker dispute got to do with woolies and coles? Fill me in. No idea what ur talking about.

JT re your sms about will woolies and coles do something about the farmers business and ethical standard. You're talking about companies that thrive on destroying small and family owned businesses. How could you think coles and woolies as a leader in ethics.

My husband works on farm, drives himself, fuel 50 a week, takes his own water and lunch, no toilet facility, he a white aussie male supporting his family

we r trying 2 teach the next generation not 2 bully others, pretty hard 2 do when u have hostel owners doing just that ... great example, aren't they!

Designer home directors have gone into hiding instead of facing everyone like men.

Hey casey, u r very 1eyed 2 think that southerners introduced these things 2 lovlel Qld. i'm sure this problem is Aust wide

Dear farmer john, as a business owner it is your, i repeat your, responsibility to supply all people working on your property with water and basic amenities. I believe it's the law mate.

To KO. How do u get a post office box down town for $30? I am paying $80 for the smallest one.

Hey newsmail, time 2 update "the tube" and include the new digit channels!

ED'S NOTE: We are working on a new guide and hope to have one by the end of April.

Re Ko.I spent $100 on letter box that is postman friendly and they still leave the mail hanging out of the slot not to mention the mail I receive that is not my address and other people delivering my mail cos that received it. we pay for our Mail to get delivered it is called a stamp

A Post Office box for 30 dollars ? …

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