Help for Parents Who Never Stop Parenting

Article excerpt

MANY grandparents provide occasional care to their grandchildren but some seniors find themselves taking on a full-time parenting role.

The Child Support Agency (CSA) would like to take the opportunity during Seniors Week in NSW to recognise those grandparents.

CSA Parent Support Services director Toni Brown said grandparents and other non-parent carers who care for a child for more than 128 nights a year (35 per cent of the time) may be eligible to receive child support payments from the parents.

Grandparents can contact the CSA on 131 272 to find out more.

If they do apply, it may affect their Family Tax Benefit.

"Grandparents are taking on the responsibility of their grandchildren as families separate and parents are no longer able to fulfil their role," Ms Brown said.

"This is a challenging task for many people, particularly those who may find themselves financially strained by the costs of supporting a child.

"Grandparents are among the 1200 non-parent carers in NSW, according to figures for June 2007.

"It's important that grandparents are aware of their right to claim child support for everyday living expenses such as food, clothing and education. …


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