Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Alstonville Rodeo Organisers Praised

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Alstonville Rodeo Organisers Praised

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THANKFULLY the Alstonville and the wider community do not share Joe Trundle's opinion and get behind worthy causes.

This was shown, and is indicated by the number of people attending not only this year's rodeo, but for the past three years that we have had the pleasure of attending.

All the people attending, along with the community support and the hard-working committee, have made the local rodeo such an outstanding success, raising funds for different organisations and people that are not as fortunate as you and me.

While you declare to be from an enlightened Christian-based society this should be a pleasing aspect, to be able to help those in their times of need and trouble.

Alas, just some people cannot see the sun for the clouds, and will always find negatives to dwell on.

As for animal cruelty, if you were attending the rodeo as I have, you would witness more cruelty shown in everyday society against each other, than to the animals.

To the hard-working committee, it's always the same, so few can show what can be done when you work together, congratulations, and be proud of what you are achieving.

But be always careful of snakes in the grass, that try to undermine the truly tremendous effort done by all.

Casino CBD

RE CASINO centre upgrade: Whose best effort was it to reduce the pedestrian crossings from one either end of the street to one in the middle. It makes no sense.

If you want to cross the road at either end it means walking way out of your way. I notice people are still crossing anyway so I wonder how long before sanity will prevail and they are restored.

Can the planners explain this mistake or will someone explain why anyone would think this to be a good idea?

Arguments, please

IT DISAPPOINTS me to see people abusing the 'Your Say' section of The Northern Star by using it as a site of personal attack rather that a simple expression of opinion.

Many responses that I read are highly rude and derogatory as they tend to seek out weaknesses in the author rather than their argument.

This page is meant to be about community opinion and I feel that if I expressed my own thoughts on a matter, some arrogant and critical person would dare judge me and my moral beliefs rather than the facts I provided to support my opinion. …

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