Focus on Equality of the Sexes; Emily Maguire Discusses the Gender Stereotypes Amidst a Call to Arms

Article excerpt

Byline: Miranda Cashin

Your Skirt's Too Short: Sex, Power, Choice by Emily Maguire

AFTER many waves of feminism it would be easy to think that things are fairly equal between the sexes. Women can do anything - right?

But according to Emily Maguire, despite the rise in equality amongst the sexes women are still socially and domestically in the same boat as pre-feminism and sexist stereotypes and gender assumptions still run rife.

This was illustrated to me when just the other day I was told by a male colleague that of course I didn't like the war movie because I was a girl. It obviously didn't have anything to do with the fact the script was flawed or that I'm against war - no, it was apparently simply because of my gender.

In Maguire's reworking of her 2008 book Princess and Pornstars, Your Skirt's Too Short is aimed at a slightly younger audience, adolescent girls.

Maguire said the book was a call to arms. …


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