Newspaper article Coffs Coast Advocate (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

Nobody Cares about Us Boring Baby Boomers

Newspaper article Coffs Coast Advocate (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

Nobody Cares about Us Boring Baby Boomers

Article excerpt

Byline: Greg White

TOP of the 'to do' list this Easter is a short trip down the coast to visit mum in Taree.

She'll celebrate her 83rd birthday tomorrow and coming from a line of long-livers, I reckon she's a fair bet to get that telegram of congratulations from Her (or His) Majesty in 2027.

Like all mums, she still worries about No.1 son despite him dispensing with all the vices which once caused her countless sleepless nights.

One has gradually joined the ranks of the boring Baby Boomers who no longer drink, smoke, consume funny substances or behave like cats on heat, and if the research is to be believed, our newfound clean living habits will still catch us out before we join the choir eternal.

Pointers are we're going to live a larger span of old age and with potential improvements in medical technology, repayments for misspent youth are going to be dragged out further.

That would be fine . . . if it were not for the Boomers' growing dismay and lack of confidence in political parties who have neither the willpower nor genuine inclination to head off the looming Armageddon in health care.

In fact, this Boomer no longer has confidence in politicians to fix anything much at all, so obvious is their arrogant contempt for we, the constituents.

This was made clear recently in the televised health debate where the worm became the most-discussed (and interesting) topic, rather than the polished and glib spin spewing out of colourless Rudd the dud and that posturing poseur Abbott, who both offered not just nothing believable . . . they both offered nothing at all . . . full stop. Just more pollie-waffle, hot air and endless, meaningless verbosity.

It's now about making non-core promises, telling obvious lies, evading simple questions with pollie-speak and doing 'whatever it takes' to get elected . …

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