ALP Industrial Relations Policies Failing the Workers

Article excerpt

industrial relations policies failing the workers. E2 I-2PQV-2010APR15-1-0 LI English LX 1250 SB Workers UT ALP industrial relations policies failing the workers. NG News NN A FT FULL TEXT CP COPYRIGHT 2010 APN Newspapers Pty Ltd. FL 00026 WC 277 LP HAS the Federal Labor Government done what it was elected to - get rid of WorkChoices? No.

Their Fair Work Australia has allowed some collective bargaining, but retains the most draconian parts of WorkChoices that criminalise industrial action and prevent union officials from effective contact with their members.

Now, with Labor's expansion of the 457 Visa scheme, employers no longer need to test the market for Australian workers before offering jobs to overseas workers.

In a survey of 50 companies, two-thirds of respondents said they were continuing to recruit 457 Visa holders, while reducing staff numbers overall.

Where a local worker might get $100,000, 457 Visa workers may get as little as $45,000.

Many Australian workers can expect drastic wage cuts or unemployment in the near future. …


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