Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Mine Debate Divides Government, Districts

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Mine Debate Divides Government, Districts

Article excerpt

DO WE need the mines.

Because of government incompetence, it absolutely needs the royalties, the taxes paid by the employees, the GST and sales tax, the tax from the profit by the companies, the dole it will save from those unemployed who get jobs, so yes, it will approve mines.

Does the food angle hold true?

Partly, but there are many thousands of arable hectares, whose current owners choose not to crop, still able to produce food.

One district argued vehemently against wind turbines and all the supposed arguments against, other now prefer them, to mines.

We can very well understand those who will lose their properties, and lifestyle, objecting.

We would too.

If and as these mines get the go ahead, there needs to be very stringent controls and monitoring of their emissions.

Why don't they save half of the hassles, by buying properties where possible, years before, before they decide to apply to mine.

Then at least they are half way there and the money they save, could be spent on better mining practices.

We, who are affected don't like mines of any description, but in one form or another, most are going to happen.

Governments have heard it all. Mines, pipelines, power lines, roads, tunnels, high-rise buildings.

No-one wants them in their backyard.

Time will tell which ones happen and which ones don't.

Charitable cycling efforts commendable

GOOD on Chris Meibusch for his cycling for charity effort.

Very similar to Tony Abbott's effort which has not been described well by some in the Labor hierarchy, even though he has been doing the same thing for 14 years.

I also see Kerry Shine has a bike as well.

Too bad he cannot ride on the Highfields side of the New England Highway.

Mr Shine obviously in his focus on the engineering side of the road forgot to put in a bike way, better pedestrian ways, more crossings and he forgot the signs on the north side.

In all of his grandstanding Mr Shine usually forgets to congratulate the people who have worked for years to design and build the roads.

Chris McGaw should note that the bikes used, uniforms and helmets worn are all probably made overseas.

We lost a lot of manufacturing industries under Bob Hawke and Paul Keating during that recession we had to have.

Seriously, it was a good effort by Mr Meibusch to help out Vinnies which in turn helps out a lot more.

Revolutionary council meetings

THE Toowoomba Regional Council has revolutionised the way council decisions are made.

"In-camera" meetings make decisions which are presented to ratepayers as a fait accompli.

As an after thought, consultation with affected sections of the community is asked to comment. The airport decision is a case in point. …

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