3D or Not 3D: Avatar and Godfather Directors Go to War over Technology

Article excerpt

Byline: Mark Prigg Technology Editor

AVATAR director James Cameron declared today that 3D will become the standard format for movies and television in "a couple of years".

The man behind the science fiction blockbuster claimed there will be a "3D renaissance" comparable to the advent of sound and colour in motion pictures.

But another Hollywood heavyweight dismissed his predictions. Francis Ford Coppola, director of The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, described 3D movies as "tiresome" and accused the industry of using the technology to squeeze more cash out of consumers.

Avatar won three Oscars and is the highest-grossing film in history, with [pounds sterling]1.8 billion in worldwide ticket sales, In cinemas it was shown in both 2D and 3D. Speaking at the Seoul Digital Forum, Cameron said: "Quite simply, where they had a choice, the audience was selecting for the best possible way to see the movie. And they saw 3D as the premium viewing experience."

He predicted the mass adoption of the format, saying it could come as soon as "in a couple of years", but "definitely less than the 25 years it took colour movies". …


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