Are Signs Synchronicity, Coincidence, Divine Intervention, or All Three? Signs from above Can Be Comforting in Times of Trouble

Article excerpt

SYNCHRONICITY and coincidence has long been a fascination for many cultures and individuals.

Many of us have stories of uncanny incidents where we were certain it was a sign from the universe. It is usually something very personal to you where the hair on the back of your neck stands up or you have a feeling in the pit of your stomach when it occurs.

How do we really know though? Where do we draw the line between divine communication and logical coincidence?

It is easy to get a bit excited and start to believe everything that happens is a sign from above.

For me, knowing when the signs are real is in itself a form of intuition. I also feel it in my body as the body is a great intuitive guide. When it does occur it is a wonderful feeling of comfort as you really begin to feel that you aren't alone and someone is watching out for you.

Through my work I have talked to many people who have lost loved ones and are experiencing grief. Often, their greatest wish is to receive a sign from their loved one that they are okay.

Our loved ones are keen to do this but, unfortuately, feelings of grief and sadness can block this type of communication. Those in spirit do not wish to alarm us either so sometimes the signs can be subtle. Having said that I have experienced some quite blatant signs as well.

Once I was given a gift of an angel brooch that I really treasured. I wore it out one day and when I returned home it was gone. I had to accept it was gone forever as I had been to many places that day.

A few months passed and in the meantime I purchased a new handbag and purse and threw out my old ones. One morning I was making a cup of tea and found myself thinking about the angel brooch. …


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