Wind Is Not the Answer Rockhampton Climate Change Sceptic Terry Cardwell Takes a Look at the Future of Australia's Electricity Generation. Climate Change Sceptic Shares His Thoughts on Rudd's A[euro][approximately]madness'

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ROCKHAMPTON climate change sceptic Terry Cardwell received hundreds of supportive emails from all over the world after The Morning Bulletin published his thoughts on coal-fired power generation before Christmas.

Here is the first instalment of his thoughts on the future of Australia's electricity generation.

IN 1994 they made a movie called The Madness of King George, a true story about the eccentric and erratic behaviour of King George III of England, who exhibited increasing strange and eccentric behaviour, ignoring all logic and common sense to do as he wished.

In the near future they will no doubt be making another one based on the same behaviour of Kevin Rudd, called "The Madness of King Rudda.

In spite of all the screaming facts from all corners of the globe that now have become apparent about renewable energy and global warming, Kevin Rudd still refuses to listen or look at the truth and still declares that 20% of our power generation will be renewable energy.

It is physically impossible to do that.

And if it was possible (and I repeat it is not), the influence from the unreliable wind or solar generators would cause instability in the power grid system as they continually changed without any warning.

Also there would have to be a spinning reserve in the grid system in excess of 20% plus normal spinning reserve to cover the largest unit (in NSW 660MWs) plus spare.

That reserve would be covered by thermal power station units backed off sufficiently in load to immediately pick up if required. This affects their generation efficiency as they are at maximum efficiency at full load. Thus it would increase generation cost.

And no you cannot just aturn them on and offa like light switches. To bring a coal-fired thermal unit to at least mid load or better operating level can take up to 12 hours or more from a cold start. …


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