Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

WEDDING WOES; Marriage Ceremonies Often Have a Few Little Setbacks. Our Readers Share Some Big Ones

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

WEDDING WOES; Marriage Ceremonies Often Have a Few Little Setbacks. Our Readers Share Some Big Ones

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If a bride cries during the ceremony, tradition says there will be no tears left to shed during the marriage.

Rain on your wedding day brings the bride and groom a lifetime of marital bliss.

But what happens when wedding mishaps go beyond raindrops?

Most wedding blunders are unavoidable and just a case of plain old bad luck, said Cornelia Powell, author of "The Bride's Ritual Guide." As a former wedding dress shop owner, she's worked with more than 20,000 brides and seen everything from a falling cake to bursting dress seams. Even if something less than perfect happens, the degree of disaster is often determined by the way the wedding party reacts, she said.

"Beautiful happens in many different packages," Powell said. "I've been at weddings when the photographers didn't show up or none of the pictures came out. If you are blaming things on people during the wedding, it's only going to make it worse."

Despite months of planning and years spent dreaming of a perfect day, some brides just don't luck out. With June traditionally being a big month for nuptials, we asked skirt! readers to share stories from local weddings filled with misfortune.


In the late 1990s, the wedding of the season was planned at Crane Cottage on Georgia's Jekyll Island. There were 10 bridesmaids, 10 groomsmen and six children in the wedding party, and the lead singer of Broadway's "Miss Saigon" was the planned entertainment. The bride arrived via horse and carriage, and everything was going beautifully - until the bugs arrived.

"Throughout the entire processional and wedding, guests and bridal party alike were fanning furiously, Avon Skin-So-Soft and Off! were being applied frantically, the bridesmaids couldn't be still, the children were slapping and hopping up and down and the bald best man couldn't stop hitting at the insects visibly swarming around him," the wedding's videographer, Mary Parrott, wrote in an e-mail from Waynesville, Ga.

Because of the gnats, the reception was moved indoors, but an insect infestation was minor compared to what happened during the bride and groom's first dance: The groomsmen lifted the bride in a chair, but one lost his grip, sending the bride crashing on the terrazzo.

"The ambulance was eventually called, and she was transported to Brunswick to the emergency room," Parrott wrote. "I learned upon delivering the videotape that the bride had suffered a fractured pelvis. So much for the honeymoon."


At St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Janice LaPerna was waiting for her brother's wedding to begin. The pastor turned on his microphone and opened the Bible, and the guests prepared for the start of the processional.

When the pastor was about to begin the Mass, the Public Address System started spewing its own sounds.

"Naturally, all of us just quietly sat there dumbfounded by what we were hearing, but the sighs and grunts continued. At first, they were low and slow, but when I looked around the church, you could see heads cocked and ears perked. There was now no mistaking that we were listening to raunchy porn."

LaPerna's husband turned off the PA, and the pastor said, "Gee, I thought that wasn't supposed to happen until after the ceremony. …

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