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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

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E! Network's "The Soup" hilariously skewers pop culture TV on a weekly basis.

Last week, it added the World Cup to its lineup.

The viewer poll on the show last week asked: Do you have World Cup fever?

While all three options for answers are great (although one might not be suitable for print), the winning answer was a riot, in my opinion.

With 47.9 percent of the vote, according to E!Online, the most popular answer: "Yes. But if the cure is watching soccer, I'll pass."


Eccentric entertainer Lady Gaga further solidified her reputation as bizarre when she showed up at the Yankees-Mets game on Friday night.

According to the Associated Press, Gaga - who wore a Yankees jersey over an exposed bra and little else - convinced security to let her into the Yankees clubhouse after the team's 4-0 loss to its crosstown rivals.

The New York Post reported that Gaga's antics got her a lifetime ban from the Yankees clubhouse. But, on Sunday, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told the AP that Gaga was not banned, and that "celebrities aren't banned. If Michael Jordan showed up here, he would have access [to the clubhouse], but not after a loss."

The AP story noted that while in the clubhouse, Gaga drank whiskey and visited with "several Yankees, including Robinson Cano and Alex Rodriguez."

Cashman told the AP that it "wasn't her fault" and that "it was the wrong time and the wrong place."

Which leads me to wonder: When is the right time and right place for a strange, scantily clad, whiskey-swigging pop star to visit with the Yankees?


Dear World Cup (and soccer),

I'll try to do break it to you gently, but this isn't really working out.

Now, don't be offended. Really, it's not you, it's me.

I really, really, really am trying to love you. …

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