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Byline: Katie Law

ECOCAMEL The Ecocamel aerated shower head costs [pounds sterling]24.95 and can be attached to any regular shower (there is a fixed version, too; above, for [pounds sterling]34.95).

Both showerheads aerate the water, which gives the impression that you are using more water than is actually being consumed.

This can save a family of four more than 43,000 litres of water a year, equivalent to [pounds sterling]250 off the cost of gas and water bills.

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GROHE Grohe Rainshower hand showers ([pounds sterling]113) come in a wide range of pretty colours, which might be reason enough to buy one. But they also come with an EcoButton to reduce water flow. For these and other shower heads that can cut water use by up to 40 per cent, call 0871 200 3414, or visit

CP HART Axor Massaud's single-lever basin taps produce a thin yet satisfyingly wide rinse effect, so you won't realise how little water you are using. About [pounds sterling]650 from CP Hart (

UMBRA It is not just water that can be conserved in a bathroom. Think of the savings you can make buying soaps and shampoos in bulk -- and all the packaging that you regularly go through when buying individual bottles and dispensers. The Penguin dispenser (below), designed by Luciano Lorenzatti, comes in a variety of "soft touch" bright colours and is available online from Umbra for [pounds sterling]16.50 ( and also at John Lewis, Heals and House of Fraser.

ROCA DESIGNERS Gabriele and Oscar Buratti have come up with a combination washbasin and lavatory for Roca called W+W. The idea is to filter and then re-use the waste water from the handbasin to fill the WC cistern for next time. This reduces water usage by up to 25 per cent, compared with a standard 6/3 litre dual-flush WC. …


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