Newspaper article Coffs Coast Advocate (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

Readers' Super Fast Responses

Newspaper article Coffs Coast Advocate (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

Readers' Super Fast Responses

Article excerpt

THE news super fast broadband is coming to Coffs Harbour has met with a mixed response from The Advocate's online readers.

Here's a sample of comments posted on our website:

Posted by picman2 from Coffs Harbour

Roll Out! Roll Out! Roll Out! The biggest change since anything but at what price? These companies can't even provide upfront costs to consumers? Looks like another pay as you go con. They know exactly what the fees and charges would be otherwise they wouldn't be in the business. No company would make submissions for projects like this without projected returns.

But there's no upfront honesty so as usual we'll most likely still be paying for a host of catches, contracts and overpriced bundle fees. These companies should be providing the consumer with real costs instead of spin and hype. What are they covering up?

And just like many of the present companies out there they lock you into deals of varied speeds at high prices only to find the services aren't as good as they make out.

Posted by vallaben from Valla Beach

That's great, maybe they could give us a mobile phone signal while they're playing around with wires.

Posted by gylean from Coffs Harbour

Instead of fast broadband next I think Keith Rhoades needs to spend some money on making the town presentable. At the moment it is a shambles so drab and unkempt, surely tourists are important to Coffs Harbour how about ensuring they return. I am afraid if I was a tourist I wouldn't return. Yeah okay most businesses will benefit from the broadband but until the problem with flooding is rectified you cannot tell me that businesses are not looking elsewhere in case they are flooded out again. What is more important Keith Rhoades, big noting yourself as you are one of the first to get broadband or looking after the town and its flooding problem

Posted by Downtoearth from Coffs Harbour

If we want to spend money to make the town more attractive so that the commercial sector can profit from impressed tourists, I suggest that the commercial sector foot the bill. …

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