Practice Makes Perfect for Police; Mounted Officers' Training

Article excerpt


MOUNTED police officers and their horses took on a gang of teenagers in a protest training exercise.

Northumbria Police played host to one of the biggest mounted training events in the region when it welcomed officers and their horses from other police forces to Northumberland.

Nearly 30 horses and officers from Northumbria, South Yorkshire, Cleveland and West Yorkshire police forces took part in the two-day event in the grounds of St George's Hospital, Morpeth.

The training focussed on dealing with public order situations.

A group of students from North Shields Youth Project played the role of protestors to make the scenarios more realistic.

The riders were put through a variety of training techniques, which will help prepare them for large-scale events such as policing football matches and public demonstrations.

Acting Sgt Andrew Cameron who organised the event said: "This was an excellent opportunity for us to share expertise with other forces and learn new, innovative ways of working from them.

"Both the training and practical scenarios are a proactive approach to preparing our officers and horses for large scale events, such as the 2012 Olympics. …