Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Update Your Database for New Business

Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Update Your Database for New Business

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Byline: JUDY REYNOLDS 10X Co The Business X-Factor

SOMETIMES your database just doesn't give you the leads you need. If so, it's time you started drumming up some hotter prospects by cleansing your current list and sourcing new contacts from outside sources.

Purchase a database

A highly effective way to generate new, quality leads for your business, is to purchase the contact details of prospects you can market to. You can acquire databases either by; approaching a list broker, or approaching another business in your industry and securing those prospects on their list who can be defined as Cynon-buyers' (more on this later).

Using a list broker

There are thousands of list brokers on the internet and while they each differ on price and the amount of databases they have access to, they all fundamentally serve the same purpose: providing access to business or consumer lists for use in direct marketing.

The information they provide will depend on which broker you use and how much you pay, however, the kind of data you will have access to can be used for: direct mail marketing, telemarketing, fax, email and SMS marketing. If you find a good list broker, you should be able to describe exactly the kind of customers you are looking for and they will provide you with the contact details of a list of people who match that description.

Once they've identified the type of people you'd like to contact, you have two options. You can either buy the database from the broker, in which case, the contacts' details are yours to use as often as you like. Or, you can rent the list, whereby you use the details once only and are not permitted to use them again .

When you brief a broker on the type of customer you are aiming to target, they will tell you how many people are on their list, called a Cylist count' and will give you a price as to how much this data will cost you. You can also look at the types of lists already compiled and available, which are grouped into categories like, CyYoung Families and New Parents', CyWorking Mothers' and even CyHigh Net Worth & Affluent Consumers'.

Buy from another business

Like most businesses, there are probably contacts on your database whose details you've captured from some source or other, yet are people who haven't actually made a purchase from you. …

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