Must-Read for Lovers of Fashion; Twins Offer Behind-the-Scenes Insight

Article excerpt

Byline: Bianca Box

INFLUENCES: Things that shape the way we think, do and be.

For life, I probably wouldn't listen to what influences Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, but in the world of fashion, and as they are fashion icons on a world stage, their Influences will influence others.

As most fashionistas look up to this dynamic duo Co with their funky and unique style Co I would have to say that for those people, their book Influences is a must.

It is something to keep with you in the world of fashion, just like lip-gloss or fake eyelashes.

The book by the two sisters is a candid shot of their lives though interviews.

Fashion designers, artists, photographers and everyone that shapes a fashionista is interviewed in this book, and it is quite different to what I first expected. I

Both girls have put their heart and soul into Influences. It tells a personal tale of style evolution and speaks on a very high level of fashion throughout the world.

The book centres around telling the story of designers and people who have influenced their lives rather than the girls talking about their influences on a first person basis.

The book is not about name dropping, and most interviews are with people well inside the fashion industry and not ones to be mentioned in the media.

Nothing is left on the surface; the interviews are in-depth and raw. They go to the very heart of why they entered the fashion industry and how it has shaped their life.

The book would be nothing without the photos. …


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