Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Three New A[euro][approximately]tribes' Develop in Australia

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Three New A[euro][approximately]tribes' Develop in Australia

Article excerpt

A VAST amount of these law breaking problems have been created by the forward thinking of our academic political wizards who have taken away the rights of people to discipline their children.

Plus the justice system is not playing its part with the non existence of suitable punishment for offences committed.

Do these offenders think they have their head just to keep their ears apart?

There appears to be three new tribes developed in Australia in the last few years, they are the "Wanta-Wantaa; "Gimme-

Gimmea and the "Crack-A-Tinnya tribes.

There is no cost attached to bidding anyone the time of the day plus having respect for other human beings. A good name will take you a long way in a long time. But a bad name will take you a damn sight further, a damn sight faster and last a lot longer.

A big thanks to The Chronicle for showing their concern about this important issue.



Rudd deserves some credit

WHETHER or not you like Kevin Rudd (and I was no special fan) a[pounds sterling] and his dramatic fall from power a[pounds sterling] he conducted himself with great dignity and humble departure), he deserves credit for winning the last Federal election, and being a very popular Prime Minister, a welcome departure from that arrogant Hawkea Keating era.

Keating knifed Hawke in the back, took his job, then after taking power proceeded against then Liberal leader John Hewson over the GST which he used negatively to win the 1993 election, after Keating himself originally supported the same idea in 1986.

Kevin Rudd was at least a gentleman of politics who behaved with great conduct in Parliament, got himself elected in his own right only to be cast aside when the traitors in his camp decided he was a political liability from the scored polls in the upcoming federal election.

I have sincere empathy for how he was treated as a faithful member of his party despite the errors of judgement he may have made on home insulation schemes, the schools' educational program or his proposed mining tax, not protested once by any of his supposed loyalists at the time when he was riding high in popularity.

Mr Rudd, who was elected PM by the people, had the right to lead his party to the next poll a[pounds sterling] win it or not a[pounds sterling] whether he had failed on unpopular policies or otherwise. He stood his ground with a conviction in his beliefs and a passionate disposition.

None of us are perfect in this world and we all make mistakes.

It would have been up to the electors to decide anyway, but he was knifed beforehand a[pounds sterling] what disgraceful and disgusting behaviour from those shameful Judas colleagues of his party who professed support for him when he took them victorious to government in 2007.

Politics is a powerful profile of ruthlessness and how any pretentious leader or member can become, if at first by initial infatuation with such a position, followed by a perceived sense of immense popularity that often prevails for a honeymoon period, wanting to serve the people, but then often descends into complacency, and eventually a supposed right to substitute meaningless garbage in response to the genuine concerns of their constituents.

I do not attribute any of these comments in the case of Mr Rudd but rather to those who have in the past abused their positions of trust with self-indulgent interests, corrupt behaviour and monetary extravagance, to the detriment of the welfare of their electorates in general, with layback-leather chair repose as some consolation in winning office.



Confession shocked many people

ATHEIST PM! It came as a shock to many people when PM Gillard confessed on TV that she didn't believe in God. Her confession has led to comment in the media.

But should we be shocked in these times when it is fashionable to have such beliefs? …

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