Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Shayne Gets Grilling from Online Readers

Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Shayne Gets Grilling from Online Readers

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BLAIR'S sitting Labor MP Shayne Neumann yesterday became the first of our candidates to be grilled online by readers of

Below are some of the questions he was asked and his replies. Be sure to log on at 1pm today when the LNP's Neil Zabel takes questions from readers.

Question from Andy: How will a Labor Government plan to reduce expansionary fiscal policy with economic uncertainties facing the post-global financial crisis recovery?

Answer: By fiscal discipline and ensuring that growth in expenditure is limited and offsets by savings.

Question from Aaron: So what are your views on same-sex marriage? Are you for or against?

Answer: The Federal Labor Government has ended discrimination in a range of areas such as family law, superannuation and social security for too long delayed. However, our view is that the Marriage Act should remain in its current definition that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Question from Dee: How is Labor going to help small business in Ipswich?

Answer: Federal Labor has funded the Ipswich Business Enterprise Centre which assists small business. The Federal Labor Government will cut taxes to small business, make depreciation easier and allow write-offs of assets to assist also.

Question from Adam: There are still coal mining operations in the Ipswich area which are supporting our economy and fuelling our solid house prices. The MRRT intends to tax the Coal industry much higher than it currently does. If elected, will you support Julia's MRRT as it currently stands?

Answer: The MRRT will add $10.5 billion to consolidated revenue and help the Federal Government increase assistance to business, add to superannuation and develop vital infrastructure in the seat of Blair and around the nation. I support it.

Adam: Yes Shayne, but the MRRT can only add $10.5bn to government revenue if the miners continue to do their mining in Australia. But if a company like New Hope was to cease exploring coal opportunities in the Ipswich area it would decrease the MRRT revenue.

Answer: LOL Adam, New Hope won't have to worry about the MRRT. …

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