Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

In Dire Straits, but Was It Self-Inflicted?

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

In Dire Straits, but Was It Self-Inflicted?

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IN a recent BBC poll looking at which areas are best/worst suited to withstand the economic cuts, Middlesbrough comes bottom of the list -no surprise there; and Redcar & Cleveland are also down at the bottom of the pile -no surprise there either.

Could it be that the Labour-led councils in these areas have helped to create a large proportion of the mess we are in? Blaming anybody but themselves, they go straight on to the defensive and insist that they are powerless to do anything about it.

Let's think about where they may have contributed. How about the steady increase in the number of public sector jobs created in both areas? These jobs can only be paid for by increased council tax, which is charged to businesses as well as the public. Increased overheads may contribute to putting many small companies out of business.

Look at the road infrastructure in both areas and you can see why companies are reluctant to come here.

Then we have the dithering over matters such as the Gresham area in Middlesbrough and the proposed "developing" of Redcar seafront.

Having been born and bred in this area, it hurts me to say that if I was a businessman looking for an area to invest in, I think that my findings would lead me away from this area rather than to it.

TREVOR WELBURN, Brotton * * * * * * RANKED 324 out of 324, Middlesbrough -which wants to achieve city status -is classified as "least resilient" and, if you look at the wider implications, this is a disaster for all of us.

Economically it means we're not growing or developing, socially it means high unemployment and probably higher crime.

With cuts of pounds 30m expected in the next three years, this means investment in Middlehaven and projects designed to regenerate the town will be unlikely.

SAJAAD KHAN, Gresham, Middlesbrough * * * * * * FACED with more evidence from the BBC about the desperate state of our area, it's incredible that a local MP manages to blame Margaret Thatcher, who left office 20 years ago and the coalition Government who took office four months ago.

He conveniently forgets the almost unbroken decades of local Labour MPs and councils and, above all, the last 13 years of Labour Government. …

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