Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Friends Indeed; Facebook Hasn't Changed a Thing

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Friends Indeed; Facebook Hasn't Changed a Thing

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IN THE beginning, Facebook seemed like the perfect relationship for someone with my disposition.

You see, I'm not really a social person. If you invite me to something, I probably won't accept. And if I do accept, I probably won't turn up. And if I do turn up, I probably won't talk to anyone. That's just me.

So when I discovered Facebook a about 10 years after the rest of the world a I thought I was on a winner.

I could catch up with old friends without actually leaving the house or forking out for a meal; bombard people with photos of my five-year-old son without having to see their bored expressions; and post witty musings then sit back and wait for the affirmations to pour in.

Those early days were flush with all the trappings of a new love: friend requests came thick and fast; my postings generated fevered comments; and my a[approximately]wall' was overflowing with heartfelt messages and cute little thumbs-up symbols.

There were 117 people who were interested in how my day was (a[approximately]work sucked 2day. exhausted'), what I ate for dinner (a[approximately]2 tired 2 cook... noodles 2nite'), and where I spent my weekends (a[approximately]2 tired to go out, movie day'). And who wrote things like a[approximately]Great pic xx' when I posted images of my son eating noodles or lying in front of the television.

Then something changed.

My a[approximately]friends' seemed to lose interest and, reeling from their rejection, I became a rambling mess full of resentment, self-doubt, and, on occasions, full-blown paranoia.

Friend requests dribbled off. Oh sure, there was the occasional a[approximately]Blockbuster Video Wants to be Your Friend', or some kid I went to tennis camp with when I was seven offering their friendship, but those salad days of beating them off with the proverbial stick seemed to be long gone.

I noticed that my postings and photos weren't generating the comments and thumbs-ups they used to.

To be fair, I suppose I could concede that a[approximately]Slept thru last episode of Lost a who died?' might not be riveting reading, and maybe a[approximately]New thongs gave me blister a ouch' isn't what you'd call a page-turner either, but I would have expected some sort of response. …

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