Ludwig Fears a Monster Cyclone Could Leave Kinka Submerged; DVD Could Save Lives of Residents

Article excerpt

Byline: Adrian Taylor

MONSTROUS waves, whipped up by a Category 5 cyclone at high tide, pummel the Capricorn Coast.

Within moments, homes in Kinka Beach are submerged and the network of streets back from the beach are awash. Cars are swept up by the surge of water and carried off. Like New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, lives are in peril.

It's a scene Bill Ludwig fears but hopes against hope he'll never witness. But with experts predicting a fierce cyclone season and defenceless, low-lying communities like Kinka overdue a devastating event, he says residents should know what could happen so they can prepare for the worst.

That's the idea behind a new DVD, Be Prepared a Natural Disasters Happen, which contains a computer simulation of six-metre seas battering Kinka Beach.

Cr Ludwig, who devised the DVD and produced it in conjunction with Emergency Management Queensland and the Federal Attorney General's department, believes it could save lives.

"Being prepared is the first and most important line of defence against natural disasters," he said yesterday as copies arrived at 3000 homes in the region considered to be most at risk either from a cyclone, storm surge or bushfire. …


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